Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra thrashed on Italian back roads

The Huayra is Italian hyper car manufacturer, Pagani’s latest creation. Featuring a carbotanium (carbon woven with titanium) tub and body, 690 HP, and rear wheel drive, this car is a marvel of engineering, and design.

The sheer number of man-hours that goes into fabricating and assembling each $1.5 million car is astounding. Each stripe on the carbotanium body matches perfectly. The interior features a hand machined sequential shifter, as well as an instrument panel considerably more costly to produce than on any of Pagani’s Italian competitors.

In short, the Pagani is a true hyper car; it’s difficult to drive well, beautiful to look at, insanely expensive, and generally astounding.

Chris Harris of Piston Heads recently flew to Italy to road test the Huayra on Italian back roads. As indicated by the sweat running down Harris’s brow, driving a bespoke work of art quickly on narrow roads is fairly rewarding to say the least.

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