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A Compact Car commercial for car enthusiasts

About a week ago, Dodge released a commercial featuring the 2013 Dart, it’s message – the Dart was designed to be enjoyed by car lovers. Central to the commercial’s theme is that the car was created without focusing on the bean counters whose penny-pinching ways often kill cool cars. Notice that reference is made to the Reliant Robin, a three-wheeled car notorious for tipping over as a result of poor engineering in the name of increasing profit margins.

In reality the Dart is designed to compete with the Ford Focus, and the Chevy Cruz, and because of the nature of the market, accountants were most certainly central to creation of the Dart. But unlike years past, where cars in this market segment have focused on practicality, the Dodge Dart commercial signals that Dodge realizes the importance of appealing to car lovers regardless of the market.

In April, Dodge released a video featuring Travis Pastrana driving a Dodge Dart rally car, so again the Dodge marketing team wants to convey that the Dart is a fun car. And given that Dodge offers the Dart with 184 hp mated with a manual transmission, it just might be.

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