Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Photographed

With the benefit of high definition cameras, expert photographers, and Photoshop, it seems most cars look more impressive in photographs than in person. The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is not like most cars, so it makes sense that it looks more impressive in person than it does in photos. In fact, when I first saw the Bugatti – on the cover of Car and Driver magazine, I was underwhelmed, the car appeared too unassuming for a 1,000 plus HP bespoke automobile. After having the opportunity to photograph a Grand Sport in person, I must say being in the presence of such a fine example of automotive craftsmanship has made me appreciate the appearance of the Bugatti considerably more.

The Grand Sport rewards you for paying attention to the details, from the perfectly machined interior inlay, to beautifully sculpted lattice grillwork covering the engine intakes, the Grand Sport personifies craftsmanship.

The Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, unlike the normal Veyron, has a removable carbon fiber roof. To compensate for the lost rigidity, the door panels are made of carbon fiber, rather than aluminum. With the top down, the Grand Sport can only – ha only- achieve a top speed of 217 mph, but it does provide the driver with a much lauder and more distinct engine noise, particularly with regard to the waste gates. As a result, the Grand Sport feels much less insulated than the normal Veyron, which because of it’s quite cabin caused the driver to feel disconnected from the car. Because of the greatly increased engine noise, and the visceral feel an open air car provides, the Grand Sport may correct the Veyron’s bigger downside.

Below are a few photos highlighting the Grand Sports bespoke details.