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Spanish Supercar Company Creates Two Cars with Massive Horsepower

A Spanish supercar company, Tramontana, is yet another small car company in pursuit of the growing niche market of Street legal track cars. Featuring a fighter-plane style cockpit, and a totally carbon-fiber body, the Tramontana R looks like it means business.

Power is delivered via a Mercedes AMG bi-turbo V-12 engine that produces 720hp. The engine is mated with a 6-speed manual sequential gearbox, and the driver sits in a carbon-fiber tub – further adding to the F-1 style feel of the car. Weighing in at 2700 lbs., the car’s power to weight ratio is truly fantastic. To make the car a little more manageable, the Tramontana R features variable ride high control, to prevent the front splitter from getting scuffed on steep driveways, and speed bumps.

But even more impressive is the news that Tramontana will be building an even more powerful car, the XTR, it will use the same AMG engine, but will produce 888 hp, instead of the pedestrian 720.

The Tramontana R.

A rendering of the Tramontana XTR.


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  1. How would you begin to manufacture a car cover for this car? Just kidding. You’re right, the concept looks awesome – at least it’s performance numbers do.

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