Porsche 918 Spyder closeup

How the Porsche 918 Represents Hope For the Future of Fun Cars

I was recently talking to a woman about the Toyota Prius. I mentioned how I disliked it because of its unexciting character. It hums along saving gas, but it’s a vanilla car. It’s overpriced, and internal combustion cars can get way better gas mileage, see the VW Polo Bluemotion which comes with a manual. The woman later told me that she owned a Prius, and I apologetically commented on the car’s good gas mileage.

We are at a period in automotive history where it is impolite the speak ill of the Prius. The Prius represents the boring future of cars. Yes, it’s pretty good with gas, it’s reliable and it’s well made. But it isn’t so good that I’m willing to overlook its lack of personality – the car simply isn’t fun to drive.

Fortunately there’s hope, the Porsche 918 Spyder, soon to be released to the public, will be the first high-performance hybrid production car ever made. As explained in the video posted below, the 918 is as much an exercise in showing that fun cars are compatible with environmental concerns as it is an exercise in performance or design. Perhaps more to the point, Porsche will show that hybrid cars are not by nature boring sleds, just the Prius is.

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