Lexus LF-CC Concept Will Inspire New IS

For years Lexus has been criticized for creating cars that look too vanilla. The LF-CC concept is Lexus’s answer to critics. The car features an imposing woven metal grill, and many unique design details from LED headlights, to intricate wheels. The interior looks high-tech with a number of LCD screens displaying various information and controls. Even the gauges are digital, as seen in the Lexus LF-A. Unfortunately, this good looking Lexus will not be produced, it’s merely a design exercise to convey the future of Lexus design language.

However, Lexus looks to spice up its BMW 3 series competitor, the IS, and will likely integrate many of the features seen on the LF-CC into next year’s Lexus IS. Most notably, some version of the front grill will be seen in the new IS as it’s already been incorporated into the new GS sport. Based on the relatively subdued interior – for concept car standards – it seems likely that Lexus will incorporate some features seen in the LF-CC interior too. Perhaps a digital dash will be in next year’s IS.

A 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine along with an electric motor, seen in the Toyota Prius, powers the Lexus LF-CC. So while the LF-CC looks exotic, unfortunately, its power plant is rather mundane.

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