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Aston Martin DB6 Shooting Brake For Sale

[wzslider info=”true”] Before the days of aerodynamic engineers the shape of a car was determined primarily by the vision of a team of designers. Performance cars, like the Aston Martin DB6 were designed to slip through the wind, thus reducing its drag coefficient. However, because little was known about automotive aerodynamics, designers relied on their imagination more than any set of facts or calculations to create the shape of a car. In 1961 Ferrari introduced the 250 GT Drogo, or Breadvan as it’s jokingly referred. The shape of Ferrari 250 Drogo shooting brake was a design initially thought to reduce drag, though in reality it did not.

While the Breadvan wasn’t a particularly successful racecar, the shooting break esthetic was unique and beautiful. In 1967, Aston Martin created the DB6 shooting break, though only two were ever created, they had the telltale design traits of any Aston of the period, glass covered headlamps, flowing fenders, and an effective kamm tail spoiler.

Unlike most DB6’s, the shooting break, which is to be offered by RM Auctions in London on October 31 in Battersea Park, is both a stunning sports car, and an ideal grand tourer. The Aston’s inline 6-cylinder engine produced 282hp, while ample luggage space is offered by the shooting break’s cleverly designed boot. This 1967 Aston DB6 shooting brake was previously owned by renowned Formula 1 driver, Innes Ireland, and is estimated to sell for approximately $600,000.


Photo Credit: RM Auctions

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