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Aston Martin One-77 At Spa Racetrack

[wzslider info=”true”]Only 77 Aston Martin One-77’s were built, only 76 survive after one owner demolished his car while speeding. The One-77 is a rare car indeed, costing well over 7 digits, the Aston represents the automaker’s vision for future cars. A lucky camera man got the opportunity of a lifetime to ride along as the One-77 howled around the famous Spa racetrack in Belgium, the video is posted below.

A 7.3 liter naturally aspirated V-12 engine powers the One-77, producing 750hp. The engine is the same one found in the V-12 vantage, but has been considerably beefed up. The car is made from carbon fiber and aluminum, the carbon fiber monocoque tub was manufactured by Multimatic in Canada – a firm that works closely with Formula 1 teams regarding carbon fiber development. The One-77 is the most powerful front engine car being manufactured today, its 750hp is about 20hp more than the output of the Ferrari F12. Though unlike the F12, the One-77 uses an automated manual gearbox adopted from the DB9, whereas the F12 uses a Formula 1 inspired double clutch gearbox that provides much faster, and more satisfying shifts. Despite the One-77’s hefty price, and lackluster gearbox, its engine noise alone is something truly special.

Photo credit: Shmee150