Cars Wrecked by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Wrecks Cars In New York

[wzslider]Hurricane Sandy has devastated low-lying areas on the eastern seaboard. Coastal communities in New York and New Jersey were particularly devastated by large amounts of flooding. The storm even caused the city that never sleeps to slow down. New York’s subways, busses, and ferries were shutdown as a result of flooding, high winds, and rough seas, respectively.

Those who parked their cars in lower Manhattan may have discovered them moved to the middle of streets, or flooded, as water from the East River inundated major roads, including the F.D.R Drive, a major point in and out of New York.

Hopefully our readers who experienced the storm are ok, but if your car experienced water damage, car detailing company, Dr. Beasley’s, has a thorough article on repairing water-damaged interiors. If your car’s interior is only slightly damp, we recommend letting the interior air dry, and then placing a few boxes of baking soda in the car to absorb any foul odor.