Tuner School: Not Your Typical Technical School

[wzslider]We’ve all seen ads for technical schools on television. They explain that the market is in demand for skilled workers, and proceeds to show how in a few weeks, you, yes you, will possess the necessary skills to find employment in the field of your dreams. But during those couple of weeks where you learn how to change a timing belt, or align tires, it seems fair to say that the average car enthusiast may not be entertained working on a ’95 Chevy Lumina.

Founder of Hennessey Performance, and creator of possibly the fastest production car in the world, John Hennessey has created a technical school that promises to keep car enthusiasts of all levels captivated while they learn how to properly modify cars. Turner School aims at teaching students in 14 weeks the basics of modifying cars so they can find employment at one of the many automotive firms specializing in enhancing engine performance. Not only is the campus of Tuner school adjacent to Hennessey Performance, but it also shares with Hennessey Performance a private quarter mile drag strip, access to phenomenal cars with which to hone their skills, and encouragement from John Hennessey himself to create cars worthy of media attention.

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