BMW Gives Us a Look Into The Future

[wzslider]Recently, BMW set up a display in New York City that transformed vehicles through a series of complex optics into BMW’s vehicle of the future, the i3. As yellow cabs drove by the display, pedestrians gawked at the display as it transformed dusty old Crown Vics into shiny BMWs of the future.

Like many other car companies, BMW is betting that alternative energy will be the next inevitable powertrain for personal transportation. As a result, they developed two concept cars, the i3 – designed for urban areas, will provide passengers with a feeling of openness while also delivering excellent eMPG (or so BMW claims).

The i8 is BMW’s solution to those who still want a sports car, and will be powered by a three cylinder engine that will work in conjunction with an adapted i3 electric engine. BMW claims the i8 will get 94 MPG and will do 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds.

The most astounding part about this whole thing is not that BMW is going electric, nor is it the cool display in New York, the coolest and most important thing to note is that BMW is actually going to build these cars. Representatives are insistent that the i3 and i8 will be delivered to showrooms in the near future, and that unlike most concept cars, these cars will look nearly identical to the ones rendered hear.