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Car Culture in New York

From the distance, 250 Hudson Street looks like a normal New York City building. Lots of glass, some cement, aluminum polished numbers. It looks modern and unassuming. But if you approach the rear entrance of the building, you’ll quickly realize that something awesome is contained inside. A bright blue Mustang RTR, a red Porsche 930 4S, a hunter green Mercedes 280SE, a black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with gold wheels, all parked outside – beckoning.

Usually, non-members are forced to stare through the window and gawk at a space filled with awesome cars. But today is my lucky day, I’m on the list. Along with a few hundred other gearheads from around New York, I’m at the Classic Car Club to watch the Formula One race in Austin surrounded by muscle cars, super sedans, and Italian exotics.

On one side of the room is a line of flat screen TVs displaying the race, muscle cars have coolers filled with beer in their trunks. On the other side, is a serious looking garage with cars in various states of repair. In one corner a Ferrari 328 rests waiting for a tune-up. A member’s white Ford Bronco sits in mid-restoration, perhaps being readied to receive a 5 liter V-8 similar to the one Zac Moseley, co-owner of the club, installed in the club’s own ’69 Bronco.

While hundreds of people rooted for “anyone but Vettle to win” at COTA, I spoke with co-owner Mike Prichinello, as he enthused about all things automotive. While watching Hamilton and Vettel battle it out, he admitted that he was already thinking about getting one of his cars, or bikes on the track himself.

When I asked Zac what the impetuous was behind starting the club he told me of how he was working on his Volvo 240. During a cold winter night, the 240 parked on a city side-street, a flashlight in his mouth, hands freezing, he realized New York car enthusiasts needed a place where they could share their passion without worrying about parking tickets, or freezing their butts off.

Mike echoed a similar story, saying that having an awesome car in New York is sort of like the forbidden fruit, there are tunnels and roads lined with buildings perfect for listening to the scream of a Ferrari 458 or the burble of a Shelby Cobra. But it’s hard to house one car safely in the city, let alone a bunch.

Thankfully, Mike and Zac worked with the founders of the original Classic Car Club in London to create just the place for gearheads to congregate, to talk about oddball cars, to rev Lamborghini engines, to watch Formula One.


Photo Credit: Classic Car Club

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