BMW 4 Series Revealed

In anticipation of the Detroit Auto Show, BMW has announced the successor to the 3 series coupe, the BMW 4 series. The 4 series adopts similar design language to the 3 series, but uses distinct proportions to communicate that the car is a model unto itself. Given BMW’s tradition of designating sports sedans with an even number, take the 6 and 8 series as examples, it makes sense for the coupe to be given a model name all its own. It may also mark BMW’s intention to introduce an 8 series in the near future.

The 4 series has a nearly identical nose to the 3 series. BMW’s trademark kidney shaped grill is more angular than in previous generations, and the front headlights flow into the grill via a connecting LED light bad. Additional air intakes toward the bottom of the nose have been added to help make the 4 series feel sporty, and to reduce drag. The BMW 4 series is wider, longer, and lower than the previous generation 3 series coupe, perhaps in an effort to compete with the successful Audi A5. The rear quarter panel is the widest part of the car, accentuated by a high waistline that calls attention to the fact that the 4 series remains a rear-wheel drive car (thank goodness). The rear of the car sees the biggest change from the new 3 series, with the addition of aluminum trim at the bottom of the bumper where the car’s two exhaust pipes are collected.

BMW hasn’t announced what will power the new 4 series, but it seems safe to expect a twin turbo inline six, a turbocharged four, and a hybrid option will be available to choose from (these are the same power plants available for the new 3 series).

The BMW released photographs showcase BMW’s Individual Program, which is intended to give customers greater choice when optioning their car. Woven leather accents, modern grained wood, and white leather piping are used extensively inside the cabin. Other than these touches, the interior of the BMW 4 series remains nearly identical to that of the new 3 series.

The BMW 4 series will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, which opens to the public on January 19th.


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