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Bugatti Grand Sport Venet


Since its release, Bugatti has created 12 special addition Grand Sports largely to commemorate craftsmanship expressed both in the Veyron and in other fields. Bugatti has announced yet another special edition Grand Sport, the Bugatti Grand Sport Venet, named after French artist and sculptor, Bernar Venet. Stencils of mathematic equations are outlined all around the car’s exterior in such a way that it appears the Grand Sport is cutting through them as it travels to record breaking speeds. The nose of the car is painted bright orange, the front quarter of the car is painted in a brown background with orange equations flowing over it.

To compliment this two-tone paint scheme, the front wheels are painted in orange, while the rear wheels are painted in brown. The interior door panels are embroidered to mimic the car’s flamboyant exterior paint scheme, and several badges indicate that the car is a special edition.

It makes sense for Bugatti to pursue relationships with artists, earlier special edition Bugatti’s were made to commemorate porcelain, and fashion. Founder, Ettore Bugatti was not only an engineer, but also an artist. Bugatti’s family is filled with architects, sculptors, jewelers, and painters. When not building cars by hand at his factory in Molsheim, Bugatti was known to enjoy painting and sculpting.