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Car And Driver Tests 1,400 HP Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R

Chicago based tuning firm AMS Performance decided that the Nissan GT-R could use a little more grunt. So they nearly tripled the car’s horsepower, and called it a day. Basem Wasef of Car and Driver took the Alpha 12 GT-R to Willow Springs raceway to see if the car got around corners as well as it went down straights.

AMS Performance increased the bore and stroke of the engine, upping its size to 4.3 liters. New pistons, and rods were added to handle the car’s massive performance figures. Additionally, a carbon fiber hood and roof were installed to help keep the car’s weight down. AMS didn’t think it was necessary to change any suspension or brake components.

On 93 octane fuel, the tuned Nissan GT-R produces 1,100 horsepower, on race gas, the Nissan GT-R produces an even crazier 1,400 hp.

Car and Driver contributor, Basem Wasef complimented the upgraded Nisan GT-R for its awesome performance, and menacing engine noise. However, he complained the car needed upgraded carbon ceramic brakes in order to effectively stop it without experiencing brake fade. He also found it to be nearly impossible to drive fast in the corners with the traction control turned off. With the traction control on, the car performed better in the corners, but still wasn’t as fast as its performance figures might suggest.

While driving the car nowhere near its limits, Wasef ended up snapping the shift fork (a component found in the transmission), I suppose that’s the price one pays when triple the stock horsepower is crammed into an already powerful car.

Photo Credit: Car and Driver