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Jay Leno Drivers A One Of A Kind Lexus LFA

The production of the Lexus ended just this month, so it’s only fitting to commemorate the most expensive Japanese production car ever made with a video showcasing the Lexus LFA’s many talents.

Originally produced in December of 2010, the LFA was designed to show potential customers the full extent of Toyota’s (Lexus’s parent company) engineering capabilities. Producing 512 hp via a front mounted V10 engine, the LFA was celebrated for its sophistication, attention to detail, and ingenuity. The pistons and exhaust system were designed in consultation with Yamaha Audio, as result the LFA produces one of the most distinguished exhaust notes of any car.

The LFA is made almost entirely of Carbon Fiber in an effort to reduce weight. The size of the smallest component, everything from interior knobs and switches, was analyzed and if necessary, redesigned in order to keep the car’s weight down (the Lexus LFA weights 3,263 lbs).

In a recent visit to Japan, Jay Leno got the opportunity to drive the Lexus LFA Spyder around the famed Fuji Speedway, a track featuring a particularly long straightaway perfect for pushing the LFA close to its top speed of 202 mph. Only one LFA Spyder was ever produced, and as each LFA is designed bespoke for each buyer, we’re assuming an adventurous customer ordered the car without a roof of any kind.

Only 500 LFA’s were ever produced, it took Toyota over 10 years to develop the car. The car cost so much in research and development, and in materials, that with each sold LFA the company lost money, even at $375,000 each. The Lexus LFA is a statement of what Toyota is capable of designing, like the Lexus LS400 before it, the LFA marks an attempt to enter a new marketplace with a flagship supercar.


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