Infiniti Emerg-e Concept Makes North American Debut at 2012 Pebb

Head of Infiniti Hints At Creation Of Performance Sedans

Infinity will be changing the naming strategy behind their cars, going back to Q based alphanumeric names seen on Infintis of old. Infiniti president, Johan de Nysschen wrote a letter to concerned Infiniti fans explaining why the company had to change the names of their cars. Nysschen explained that Infiniti simply didn’t have the room to accommodate models it plans to release under the current system of M’s, G’s, FX’s, etc. So instead, each new Infiniti will be named with a “Q” followed by a number. (See the chart below for a full breakdown).

The most exciting development of the name change is that Nysschen admitted that Infiniti would release a few performance models in the near future. In particular, Infiniti plans to release “a new high-tech 550+ horsepower performance flagship…using a potent charged induction V6…” It seems what is now the Infiniti M will be taking on the BMW M5 and the Mercedes E63 with the introduction of a 550+ hp car.

With the introduction of a Q based naming strategy it will allow the brand to introduce cars better able to compete in niches otherwise untapped by the luxury brand. Nysschen says himself “The really exciting implication of all this is that it prepares the way for the introduction of several fascinating new models…” While the Q based nomenclature is a little hard to adjust to, it’s worth it if Infiniti will build a 550 hp V6 – perhaps something to look forward to in the New Year.


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