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Toyota Will Unveil Furia Concept In Detroit

Toyota has announced it will unveil a new sedan concept car on January 14, 2013 at the Detroit Auto Show. Few details are known about the Toyota Furia, but from the released images it appears Toyota is trying to get younger people interested in Toyota sedans.

Liberal amounts of carbon fiber are used on the Toyota Furia’s exterior, a carbon fiber spoiler, and front fascia give the sedan a sporty feel. Organic feeling LED lights are used in the front to create a sort of honeycomb shape. In the back more LED lights are used to form aggressive and angular taillights. The car is painted in bright orange, and the occasional fireball is set off in the background to communicate that the car is intended to excite.

It’s a fair bet that Toyota hopes to show potential buyers that the brand is capable of offering fun cars. As it is, Toyota has been trying to make its sedans feel younger, the new Avalon has been given a younger shape while still remaining familiar to loyal customers. The Furia marks another attempt by Toyota to tap into a younger demographic, perhaps one that likes the sportiness of the Scion FR-S, but wants the convenience of four doors.