Audi Crosslane Coupe Represents The Future Of SUV Lineup

It’s a common refrain from car manufactures, “no we aren’t going to build that concept, but it represents the design language of future cars.” It’s probably fair to say that the Audi Crosslane Coupe concept is a car that will never be produced, yet it suggests some very important developments in future Audi SUVs (designated by the Q badge).

A 1.5 liter three cylinder engine mated to two electric motors powers the Audi Crosslane Coupe. In total the hybrid power plant produces 177 hp and well over 200 lb-ft. The hybrid configuration allows the Audi to achieve a claimed 213 mpg. Additionally, the Crosslane Coupe can run on just its electric batteries for up to 50 miles.

Perhaps one of the most innovative features of this concept is its removable carbon fiber hardtop. The roof, comprised of two carbon fiber pieces, can be removed (by hand) and placed in a fitted spot in the trunk. Because the roof is made of carbon fiber it weights only 22 lbs.

The Crosslane Coupe uses a mixture of carbon fiber, aluminum, and fiber glass to keep its weight down to a respectable (especially considering it’s carrying huge lithium ion batteries) 3,000 lbs. The use of exotic materials to construct the concept allowed engineers to create a sporty feeling SUV. Low doorsills, a wide hexagonal front grill, and a bunch of LED lights help to give the Audi a modern and young feel.

The interior of the car features a large touch screen that allows passengers to use the “Audi connect feature,” so that “passengers are always connected to the Internet community – via Twitter, Facebook or by sending photos and videos recorded on the road.” Hopefully this feature will make it to Audi production cars and SUVs, as it would be quite exciting to be able to record and upload your latest hoon straight from the driver’s seat.


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  1. Thanks for nothing Audi! If this were in production, I would buy one today. You show us great things and then don’t deliver, especially here in the US. We all dont drive big stupid trucks here you know. Maybe I should be leading your company…

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