Cadillac ELR Electric Coupe Will Debut In Detroit

In an effort to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles, Cadillac will unveil its first electric car at the Detroit Auto Show. The Cadillac ELR is based on the Chevrolet Volt power train  though unlike the Volt, the ELR is a coupe. The ELR will use the same lithium ion battery layout as the Volt, and will have a four cylinder engine to act as a generator to the batteries should they lose their charge.

Despite poor sales numbers for the Chevy Volt, Cadillac is pushing ahead with their coupe variant of the electric-hybrid vehicle. GM has invested $35-million in their Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant in order to release the Cadillac ELR in late 2013.

The design of the ELR is based on the Cadillac Converj concept (pictured below), unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in 2009. Though Cadillac says, “People will instantly recognize it as a Cadillac by its distinctive, signature look and true-to-concept exterior design” we’re expecting a few changes to the made the exterior to allow for ease of production and safety regulations.