Fisker To Open Technical Center To Aid In Development of New Car

Last year, Fisker unveiled the Atlantic concept. A car intended to be considerably less expensive than the Karma so as to bring enjoyable hybrid driving to more people. Fisker has announced it will open a new technical center likely in South Eastern Michigan to help speed up the production of the Atlantic (pictured below).

According to Fisker, “the new production center will spearhead final production development, component readiness, and production launch” of the Fisker Atlantic. Fisker has said they will open the new production facility in the spring of this year, with the release of the Atlantic to follow shortly thereafter.

The Atlantic, which “is a luxury four-door sports sedan with a practical interior…is aimed at young families who want to drive a practical, low-emission vehicle that also combines design flare, sports performance and premium engineering,” will be built in Delaware. Fisker hopes that the addition of a new technical center located in the heart of the country will benefit the company logistically.