Nissan PlayStation GT Academy to Take Center Stage at Dubai 24 H

PlayStation GT Academy Winners to Race In 24 Hours of Dubai

The four newest winners of the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy will get behind the wheel of two GT4 spec Nissan 370zs as they compete against other professional drivers at the 24 hours of Dubai endurance race held January 10-12.

The Nissan PlayStation GT Academy pits players of the Gran Turismo racing simulation videogame against one another. Only a select few get to compete against other top players in both videogame and actual racing challenges. Each year’s winner is then sponsored by Nissan to race professionally.

Winners, Wolfgang Reip and Mark Shulzhitsky will race a quarter of the race each, along with seasoned drivers, Lucas Ordonez (also a GT Academy winner) and Roman Rusinov.

Peter Pyzera, and Steve Doherty will also drive a quarter of the race each in the second 370Z racecar, along with Nurburgring expert, Sabine Schmitz and Alex Buncombe.

The team responsible for turning these Gran Turismo videogame racers into professional racecar drivers feels that their unique way of entering into motorsport my give Academy drives an edge over other professional drivers. Darren Cox, director of Nissan Global Motorsports said, “We are absolutely confident that these guys will line up in Dubai better prepared than many of their more experienced adversaries who have taken a more traditional route into motorsport.”

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