DMC Tuning Creates The Ferrari F12 Spia

German tuning firm, DMC has made a number of visual and performance modifications to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, with the intent of creating the mechanical equivalent of a crouching lion ready to attack its prey.

The F12 Spia is fitted with a titanium exhaust system, which boosts the Ferrari’s horsepower to approximately 760 ponies. As a result, DMC claims the car is capable of reaching over 220 mph. DMC also added sport springs, which lower the car slightly, and Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires (335’s in the rear, and 255’s in the front).

The Ferrari F12 Spia has been fitted with a plethora of body modifications, including a totally new front bumper called the “front sword.” It’s a pronounced splitter that makes the Ferrari look lower and wider, while improving aerodynamics. At the rear, the Ferrari receives a reworked rear diffuser – added blades give the car a more aggressive feel. A new spoiler has been added to the trunk lid which is “reminiscent of the Ferrari 599XX.”

A roof mounted air intake has been added, as well as tinted taillights, 21” alloy wheels, and reworked side mirrors. All the added pieces are made of carbon fiber and can be colored to the customer’s specifications.