Volkswagen Studie CrossBlue

Volkswagen Designs SUV Concept Specifically For North America

It’s no secret that Americans like large SUVs. They provide owners with the convenience of seven seats, large storage space, a commanding view of the road, and off-road capability. For a few years Volkswagen North America has been asking for an SUV designed for the American market, at the Detroit Auto Show Volkswagen unveiled the Crossblue concept.

Though the SUV is a concept, Volkswagen commented in a recent press release that the Crossblue, “results in a very realistic vehicle that eschews show car gaudiness to give us a glimpse at a potential new Volkswagen SUV.” Based on this language it seems likely that VW is strongly considering adding the Crossblue to its SUV lineup. Volkswagen commented that if it were produced, the Crossblue would fit between the smaller Tiguan, and the larger Touareg SUVs.

The Volkswagen Crossblue is a hybrid vehicle that uses a diesel engine coupled to two electric motors that in total produce 305 hp and 516 lb-ft. The SUV is predicted to achieve 35 mpg, and can travel 14 miles on batteries alone before the diesel engine kicks in.

The Volkswagen’s batteries can be recharged via regenerative breaking, or by being plugged into an electrical outlet. An additional electrical plug was added to the Crossblue to allow owners to power electrical devices, in this way, the SUV can act like an electric generator.

The Crossblue can be configured to seat either 6 or 7 passengers, and features sliding second row seats to allow for easier entry and exit into third row seats. All of the car’s seats, except for the driver’s seat, can be folded. This allows for the Crossblue to carry objects as long as 118 inches inside the cabin.

The Crossblue features a 10-inch infotainment display, and two iPad minis mounted behind the front seat headrests to provide entertainment for rear seat passengers.

If produced, the Crossblue would represent a good alternative to large SUVs or minivans, and could help Volkswagen get into the minivan/kid hauler market (so far VW’s Routan minivan has failed to win over prospective buyers).