Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Introduced In Miami Beach

Editor’s Note: This marks the first article from our new contributor Jeffery Epstein who was invited to attend the world premier of the Aventador Roadster in Miami, Florida.

It was fun to be at the “World Road Premier” for the Lamborghini Aventador roadster this afternoon. The car was revealed at noon to cheering and applause from members of the public, government officials, Lambo corporate top brass, about 50 Lambo owners, press people and several pretty models. The car was hidden in a black trailer which was kept closed until precisely at 12 o’clock noon, when the side was opened to reveal the gorgeous lines of the Aventador roadster.


The Director of Communications took the microphone and began to introduce and thank various members of the team who made the event possible including the engineer in charge of the project as well as the President and CEO, Stephan Winklemann.  There were thanks and acknowledgement to the city council, the Miami Beach Chief of Police and the ambassador to Italy and others.  I started wondering, how many people are they going to recognize?  This was taking too long.  I wanted to see the car.  Finally, the car was started up and driven slowly onto the stage.  What can I say?  Look at the pictures.  This car is absolutely stunning.

Today’s event will kick off a 3 week program including driving events on local public roads and at the race track in Homestead, FL along with the requisite press opportunities along the way.  After the reveal, a batch of 8 or 10 other Aventadors in various colors pulled up and formed a line of rolling artwork whose sheetmetal beauty was matched only by the wonderful sound coming from their 12 cylinder engines.  The brand new Aventadors lined up next to a row of other Lamborghini roadsters, driven by present owners who gladly took the time to go on a group ride after attending the World Road Premier.  To be so close to so many sexy Italian roadsters was pretty intoxicating, especially once they were all fired-up, snarling and ready to go.

As I saw them fade away down Ocean Drive I imagined how much fun they will have once they get these Aventadors out on the racetrack.  Fun indeed!