McLaren P1 Undergoes Final Tests

McLaren recently released a two-minute video (see below) showing the McLaren P1 undergoing rigorous testing in order to ready the car for production. Since its unveiling at the Paris Motor Show in October of last year, McLaren’s fleet of prototype P1’s (named XP’s) have been driving around some of the most challenging roads and circuits in the world.

Similar to the development of the McLaren MP4-12C, which was also driven 24/7 so that approximately a million miles were put on test cars, P1 prototypes are being driven non-stop to test for potential mechanical problems, and to calibrate the car’s cooling and suspension systems. All to ensure that the P1 delivers on the company’s goal of “produc[ing] the best driver’s car in the world on road and track.”

It’s been reported that McLaren has shown production ready versions of the P1 to potential customers; the company is predicted to produce between 300-500 vehicles.

As we reported previously, a turbocharged V8 engine, likely a modified version of the engine that powers the MP4-12C, will power the car in combination with electric motors used to boost the car’s performance, and to power the McLaren P1 at low speeds. It’s estimated the P1 will produce between 800 and 900 horsepower, which would make it competitive with the equally powerful Ferrari F70, which is also undergoing final stages of development.

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