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The Jeep Cherokee Returns

The last time Jeep produced the Cherokee, the year was 2001, since then things have changed at Chrysler. The shape of the new Jeep Cherokee has taken many by surprise, its front grill and squinting headlights do not evoke Jeep’s traditional design language. Instead, Jeep has opted to go for a futuristic look, the Cherokee looks as though Jeep combined elements of the Nissan Juke and the Land Rover Evoke to create a small SUV aimed at a fast growing niche market.

Official images of the Jeep Cherokee were released hours after automotive news site, Jalopnik, released spy photos of multiple Cherokees. Though Jeep has not acknowledge Jalopnik’s release of spy photos as a factor behind their decision to release official photos, it seems probable that Jalopnik’s article and subsequent reports from other news sources forced Jeep’s hand.

Despite releasing a few photos of the Cherokee, Jeep hasn’t released much information about the unibody SUV, and has not yet released official photos that reveal the SUV’s rear end. The new Cherokee will debut at the New York International Auto Show (which Cars Always will be covering live) and is assumed to replace the Jeep Liberty.