Volkswagen XL1 Will Get 261 MPG

Volkswagen is planning to build the most fuel-efficient hybrid ever produced. Called the XL1, the car will make use of a carbon fiber monocell as is found in Formula 1 cars and in hyper cars. As a result the XL1 will weight an astonishingly lightweight 1,753 lbs.

The XL1 will use a plugin electric motor that produces 27 horsepower in tandem with a two cylinder turbo charged, direct injected, diesel engine that will produce 45 horsepower. The Volkswagen XL1 will be capable of driving 32 miles before the car’s diesel engine kicks in. Mated to the powertrain will be a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. Despite the car’s lightweight, it’s performance figures are severely lacking; it’ll do a top speed of 99 mph and can reach 62 mph in a little over 12 seconds.

In order to create one of the most efficient production cars ever conceived, Volkswagen has molded the body of the XL1 to reduce drag as much as possible, the cars Cd rating is an unbelievable .19. This is thanks in part to the car’s low stance, and narrow width, helped by offsetting the passenger seat. The passenger will sit slightly behind the driver, allowing the body of the XL1 to remain narrow.

Rumor has it that around 50 examples of the Volkswagen XL1 will be produced, though more may be made if demand is intense enough. It’s estimated that the German automaker will lose money on the sale of each XL1. Volkswagen is using the XL1 similar to how Lexus used the LFA; both cars were created to show the technological capability of the respective companies. With the XL1, Volkswagen wants to show the world that it aims to be a contender in the growing market of fuel sipping cars.


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  1. Nice effort, but the car will use diesel or bio diesel fuel when the engine kicks in unless VW put in a 3rd engine

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