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Two Ferrari F50s Driven “Tax The Rich” Style

Not much is known about the people behind the “Tax The Rich” YouTube channel. When we asked for an interview a few weeks ago, they told us they weren’t ready to grant interviews. All we really know is that they have a collection of exotic cars and a rural location somewhere in the UK where they can safely hoon them around. From drifting a Rolls Royce Phantom in a muddy field, to driving a Ferrari 288 GTO around roads on their estate, the creators of this channel take to heart the notion that cars were meant to be driven.

It is in that spirit that their latest video shows two Ferrari F50s sliding around on gravel roads and ultimately, engage in a battle of tug of war with a rope tied to each car’s front tow hooks.

A quick look through the YouTube comments shows a divide between those chiding the owner for ruining tires, and driving a historic Ferrari in a way unbecoming of the marque. Others argue that cars were meant to be driven and congratulate the owner for using a car that others would be wary of driving at all, let along in the manner demonstrated below.

I say the genre of supercars exists to give owners a vehicle that preforms best when driven hard, and the guys piloting these F50s have done just that. Bravo.