Singer 911 profile

Stunning Singer 911

Singer, known for their beautiful modified Porsche 911’s has done it again. They started with a Porsche 964, strippedĀ the donor car to the chassis, and then rebuilt it using carbon fiber body panels, a completely revamped suspension, and a Cosworth tuned flat six that produces 360 horsepower and red lines at 7,200 rpm.

The changes aren’t just performance based, the Singer 911’s interior receives a basket woven leather dash and racing seats, along with large Fooks wheels, and bigger rear haunches that both accommodate a larger tire and give the Porsche a sense of gravitas when standing still. To top it off, Singer used a Gulf Racing-esque livery design, which makes this Singer 911 especially tasty.

Car & Driver’s well produced video posted below, covers the 911’s lovely details.