Jaguar XKR-S GT

Randy Pobst Drives Jaguar XKR-S GT At Willow Springs

If you’re confused by all the letters, the Jaguar XKR-S GT is designed to be Jaguar’s most capable car on a racetrack. With an enormous carbon fiber wing, an advanced front splitter, carbon ceramic brakes and a re-worked suspension this Jaguar can hustle. Professional racing driver and Motor Trend lap time setter, Randy Pobst got his hands on this special Jaguar and took it around Willow Springs raceway to see what the car was capable of.

Pobst’s conclusion: the reworked suspension drastically improved the car’s driving dynamics. Unlike the XKR-S, which produces the same horsepower but is over-steer happy, the XKR-S GT is more composed without sacrificing grunt. Take a look at Pobst as he grabs the Jag by the scruff of the neck and sets a 1:22:53 lap time.