Classic Porsche 911

Watch Drivers In Classic Rally Cars Get Confused

The East Africa Safari Classic covers 2,550 miles of some of Africa’s most formidable wilderness. Drivers pilot rear wheel drive classic rally cars on a nine day journey of tireless racing. It’s a little known event outside of rally car enthusiasts, but it presents terrific driving and historically significant cars – and pushes drivers, navigators, mechanics and cars to their limits.

Given that the race is grueling and takes place on poorly marked African dirt roads requiring a seriously good navigator, it’s no surprise that drivers make mistakes. In the video below, watch as numerous drivers take the wrong fork in the road only to garner smiles from the locals gathered to watch the race. There is one positive from the driver’s mistakes: cars spend more time close the the camera for us all to enjoy their sights and sounds of Porsche 911’s, Ford Capri V8’s.

Photo credit: Sports Car Digest