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Killer Car Maintenance Tips

Having a car can be an expensive necessity. For some people they can go without and will opt to get rid of their car. But for many of us this isn’t a viable option. Cars play such a big part in everyday life and society that many of us rely on them to get us through our daily lives. They might be essential for the school run, or the commute to work each morning.

Because of how much many of us rely on our vehicles it’s important to make sure they run at the optimum level. They need to be reliable and dependable as often as possible. This makes everyone’s life easier. Not to mention the fact that it saves money from having to get the thing fixed all the time. Here are some great ways you can make sure you keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle.\

Winter Proof

It’s important to make sure you get your car ready for the winter. Of all the seasons, winter is likely to be the one that affects your car the most. Cars don’t always respond well to the cold and damp. You need to make sure you take measures to protect your car from the elements in the winter time. This might mean covering the car, or keeping it undercover in, say, a garage or something. You might also need to take steps to warm it up in the mornings. Leaving the engine running for ten minutes or so in the mornings. This may well give it a kick start and help it run without breaking down.


All cars need to have their MOT test at some point. Make sure you get yours done as soon as you can. A MOT test is rather different from a servicing test. It doesn’t check out maintenance problems or general mechanical condition. Instead, the purpose of the test is to make sure the car is roadworthy. It’s to check and make sure the car meets road safety requirements and that it’s okay to be driven. A MOT test is required by law on every car. If you’re planning to sell your car, you should think about having a MOT test carried out prior to the sale. This way you can prove you’ve taken steps to ensure the car’s in the best possible condition before selling.


Of course, the key component of maintaining your car is to make sure you get service checks done as often as you can. This will unearth any underlying issues with the car and give you the chance to get any problems fixed right away. Try to make sure you get regular service checks done. The reason for this is because it’ll keep your car in full working order. If any problems are there, they’ll be found before they develop into more serious problems. Taking this approach will save you a heap of cash in the long run.

Keep It Clean

An important part of car maintenance is keeping the vehicle clean as much as possible. This is often overlooked as a maintenance tip. In fact, a lot of drivers balk at the idea of cleaning their car. But it’s something that’s pretty important. For starters, a clean car looks great and it’s important to take pride in your vehicle. From a practical viewpoint, it prevents dust and dirt getting in and damaging the inner-workings.

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