London Streets

Why Driving a Car is Always Better

It’s a question we all face: is it better to drive to and from work every day or should we use public transport? It’s not an easy question to answer. Well, actually, it is. We all know that driving is the better option, even if we’re always told about how public transport is the better option.

I think it’s time to blow that myth out of the water. There is no reason to persist with inefficient and expensive public transport systems when you could be driving. Here’s why I think driving your car is always the better option than public transport.

It’s a Chance to Drive

If you’re anything like me, the chance to drive is a chance that should always be taken! There’s no reason why the drive to and from work shouldn’t be fun. If you’re the kind of person that loves to be behind the wheel, you should take every opportunity you get!

And how many times have you sat on the bus and wondered how the driver got his job? It seems to me like a lot of them a pretty bad drivers, which will annoy you even more if you’re a driving nut yourself.

No Waiting on Platforms

There’s nothing more frustrating than standing in the cold waiting for your bus or train to arrive. They never seem to arrive at the time when they’re supposed to. I end up standing there imagining how much better it would be to drive!

That’s what’s so good about driving, you get to decide when you set off from home, and there’s no waiting involved!

You’re in Control

If something goes wrong when you’re driving, at least you only have yourself or another driver to blame. Whereas, if you’re on the bus and you’re involved in a road traffic accident, it might be the fault of the driver.

This is the beauty of driving your own car, you don’t have to rely on the skills of anyone else, you’re in complete control of the situation.

You Won’t Be Stuck Next to Someone That Smells

We’ve all been there. We climb aboard the bus; we look around for any empty seat scanning the rows of people. And there’s only one seat left. You start to wonder why that guy standing at the front isn’t sitting there. When you sit down, you understand why no one else was sitting there.

There’s no way to escape smelly people on the bus. But in your car, you’re alone, and no one can annoy you!

Driving a Cheap to Run is More Economical than the Bus

There seems to be a consensus nowadays that getting the bus to work is a lot cheaper than driving. But is that really true? I’d argue that it’s isn’t necessarily true at all. Have you seen how much bus tickets cost nowadays?

They’re not cheap, and I don’t know what we’re supposed to be getting for our cash. It’s quite easy to find a city car with good fuel economy, and you’ll probably end up paying less than it’d cost to get the bus all week!