Car Accident

Four Common Car Accident Injuries

Getting into a car accident isn’t any fun. I’m sure most people after having them are thankful they’re walking away, but some common injuries can make them less joyous about it.

Let’s walk through the injuries seen in non-fatal car accidents.


Depending entirely on the force of the crash, you could hit your head before coming to a stop. A crash from behind may send your head back into the seat. They’re padded, but can still cause injury.

Likewise, a crash from the side might have your head swinging into the side window. A crash from the front could be significantly more dangerous.

If you’re wearing a seatbelt, you should be okay. There’s a slight chance you could hit your head on the steering wheel through, possibly resulting in broken teeth or a broken nose.

A concussion is severe and should receive treated immediately. Headache and dizziness are common symptoms, but be aware of others.

Broken Wrist or Fingers

If you hands are on the wheel at the time of the crash, the force could fracture the bone. Usually, these injuries come from head-on collisions.

The pain may or may not be immediate. If you experience any loss of movement or swelling, see a doctor for an x-ray.


Neck injuries are quite common with car crashes. This is because of the motion pushing the head forward before snapping it back with the sudden stop.

The reason this doesn’t normally happen  in cars is because the car decelerates to a full stop, rather than having the motion suddenly halted.

Whiplash isn’t readily apparent and can take some time to develop. If you are starting to feel any pain in your neck after a car accident, seek out a doctor.

Spinal Injury

While the neck does technically count as the spine, we’re talking more mid and lower back injuries.

Car crashes have the potential force to slip a disk or rupture vertebrae. These are severe and debilitating injuries that can ruin your mobility for some time.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are used to recover from these kinds of injuries. It can be a long journey however, and may require years of treatment or even surgery.

So now that we’re aware of the common car injuries, what can be done about them? In virtually all instances of car accidents, it is advisable you get in touch with a law firm such as Zaner Harden lawyers.

These injuries are not cheap to treat, and can be long lasting in some cases. To pay for the associated medical bills, compensation is required.

If you are impeded from working because of your injury, it is advisable to seek legal recourse for loss of earnings.

Hopefully, you’ll never be in a position where you suffer an injury like the ones described here.

As long as you are a careful driver, you should be able to avoid most potential car accidents let alone any of the injuries they can incur. Happy driving, stay safe and set a good example.