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About David Epstein

10262254_10152058913276471_1979628822219164410_n copyEditor-in-Chief of Cars Always, David Epstein is an accredited automotive journalist with membership to the Motor Press Guild and the Washington Automotive Press Association. Since founding Cars Always in 2012, David has learned critical skills needed to run and grow the website. David has learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Hoot Suite and various SEO platforms in an effort to grow the audience of Cars Always.

David is also a brand building expert with experience working as a consultant for some of the world’s largest and most beloved brands. He is an skilledĀ in conducting market research in order to advise clients on how to optimize their brands for efficiency and innovation.

David can be reached via email at: DavidMartinEpstein@Gmail.com, or via LinkedIn.

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